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Purchases made for the period 2017, including purchase order, supplier, quantity purchased and net price.
NOTE: The discount in the price is obtained at the time of awarding the purchase and is incorporated in the price informed in this listing.


Document prepared with the products offered and declared deserts after tenders.


Access portal for imports, purchases covered by art. 21 letter b) of D.S. of 03/2010 MINSAL

CENABAST makes its import purchases covered by art. 21 letter b) of D.S. of 03/2010 MINSAL which states that, in exceptional cases, the Public Health Institute may authorize the sale or provisional use of certain pharmaceutical products without sanitary registration, based on the grounds stated by way of example, in accordance with the provisions of Article 102 (B) In the case of a pharmaceutical product which is required for an urgent medical purpose, without there being an alternative at the time when it is required.

The purchases are materialized, generally, through a contract and the cause of direct treatment of monoproveedor established in the Law of Purchases Nº 19.886 (article 8 letter d) is used.

With the enactment of Law 20.724, which introduces amendments to the Health Code, CENABAST is empowered to deal with situations related to medicines whose availability is essential for the development of health programs or plans of public interest, in the National System of Health Services, to apply to the Institute for the pertinent provisional health record.