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The SNSS Supply Center, -Cenabast-, provides a series of studies designed to contribute to the development of statistics aimed at generating knowledge and analysis, which contribute to the decision-making of the customers that make up the Network Public Health.


[July 2016] General analysis of tenders and direct drug treatment by Cenabast during 2015.

[July 2016] Comparison of drug prices between pharmacies and Cenabast.

[Noviembre 2015] Comparación de precios de medicamentos entre farmacias y Cenabast.

[August 2015] Descriptive analysis of the Framework Convention on Medicines as a purchase channel.

[Febrero 2015] Las variables que influyen en la decisión de compra.

[February 2015] The variables that influence the purchase decision.

[May 2014] Study “Segment Analysis Municipalities 2014”.

[May 2014] Cenabast stabilizing effect on prices of drugs traded in Public System.