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Strategic Definitions

Leading the health supply market, being recognized nationally and internationally, as a reference for the management of the service of supply, through innovative processes and strategies of high impact, with a team of experts and specialists who work in a harmonious and coordinated, committed to the equity and well-being of the population

To contribute to the well-being of the population, ensuring the availability of medicines, food, supplies and equipment to the Health Network, by managing an efficient, quality and efficient supply service to improve the health of all people in Chile.

Strategic Objectives

ACCESS AND EQUITY: Advance equity and universal access to health supplies through the design, implementation and evaluation of processes for the implementation of innovative health strategies.

OPPORTUNITY: To improve the opportunity in the provision of the service of supply, by complying with standards of quality, quantity and time of response to the Health Network, to increase user satisfaction levels.

COVERAGE: Increase Cenabast’s participation in the procurement of health supplies, which are intermediated by the public health system, incorporating new products and improving efficiency in customer management, purchasing, contracts and logistics.

INTERNAL MANAGEMENT: To optimize Cenabast’s institutional management, through the development of its teams, strengthening financial management and increasing efficiency, with a clear orientation to users, to fulfill its strategic definitions.