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How can I offer products to CCENABAST?

First, I must be registered in the Portal Chileproveedores and subsequently define the participation of their products according to the basket to be tendered.

You must also know the technical bases published on the institutional website of CENEBAST.

To resolve doubts or queries, you can send an email to proveedores@cenabast.cl

How do I login?

The systems are accessed through the CENABAST portal (https://www.cenabast.cl/accesos) in the Suppliers tab.

Supplier registration

To complete Register as Provider you must follow the following steps:

1.- Enter to: https://www.cenabast.cl/accesos/ in the Provider tab.

2.- Then press the Register button at the bottom of the login form.

3.- Next, you must enter the RUT of the company and password, information that will be provided by your Executive of Contracts.

4.- Once you have entered the requested data, you must press the Save button and the system will send you an email informing the registration key by the previously created User-Provider.

5.- If you have already created your account, enter your Rut and Password Entering: https://www.cenabast.cl/accesos/ in the Provider tab.