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Logistics Suppliers 2016

Logistic operator

The sub-department of Logistics Operations has the mission of supervising, controlling, distributing and managing the distribution process according to the planning.

Among the specific functions performed by the Sub-department of Logistics Operations are:

To supervise the work of the logistic operators hired by the suppliers, with the aim that the distribution of the intermediate products is carried out according to the planned schedule, in order to arrive in time and form to all the destinations.
To supervise the service provided by Logistics Operators tendered by CENABAST, which have been distributed as follows
Metropolitan Region: Biomedical
South Southern Zone: Blue Express

To attend to the distribution of medicines and medical supplies to the Health Network which, due to their characteristics, are more complex in their distribution process. Some of these health centers are San Borja Arriarán Hospital, Sotero de Rio Hospital, Las Higueras Hospital, Los Angeles Hospital, among others.
Manage claims, anomalies, breaches, fines and penalties, as a result of distribution by Logistics Operators.
To meet the needs that the inhabitants require when facing an emergency situation (earthquake, tsunami, fire of great magnitude, etc.)

To contact the Sub-department of Logistics Operations, these references were suggested

Carlos Ramos Coordinator and Executive Logistics Operator TNT
David Opazo Coordinator and Executive of Logistic Operators Biomedical and Blue Express