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Quality politics

In October 2016, resolution 6701 was approved, which creates the structure of the Quality Management System for the Supply Center, which will allow our institution to plan, execute and supervise the activities necessary for our mission and vision to be fully complied with. All this, through the provision of services with high quality standards and that promotes a continuous improvement of the processes.

But this, in practice, what does it mean? It means that Cenabast will be certified with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard and will be applied in a first stage to the procedures of the Lourdes Distribution Center, although it will also involve the other areas that make up Cenabast and that carry out processes related to the institution. The goal is for the whole organization to speak the same quality language, with a process of continuous, orderly and systematic improvement.

In June 2017, the Director of the Supply Center, Pablo Venegas, signed the Quality Policy of Cenabast, a document that is hosted on the institution’s website and available to all citizens who want to know the scope of this commitment.

We are going to homologate the international standards and certify the processes of storage and distribution for drugstores and warehouses of pharmaceutical products. We are already advancing in that way and we invite you to know this document: